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PROBUS is social justice technology

developed for use on a smartphone, laptop or personal computer, and created to positively impact the criminal justice system by providing an interface between the defendant, the attorneys and Judicial Service Agencies.


As an alternative to cash and other restrictive bond requirements, PROBUS is designed to establish and sustain social and economic justice in modern law enforcement. It not only allows low-risk defendants to maintain dignity while negotiating the criminal justice system, but provides attorneys and judicial service agencies that ability to safely monitor a defendant’s activities and efficiently manage proceedings.

The primary features of PROBUS include:

  1. Video Telephony: Real-time audio-video communication for routine court proceedings.
  2. Registration Verification: Quick check-in with probation and other court enforcement.
  3. Testing Compliance: Timely and affordable submission of breathalyzer and drug tests.
  4. Location Monitoring: GPS monitoring of all clients.
  5. Calendaring: Updates and notification of upcoming hearings and other obligations.
  6. Education: Treatment solutions – My Success Class and connections to other classes and programs.
  7. Risk Assessment: Analysis and reporting of assessment data, updated daily.
  8. Costs Savings: Efficient affordable monitoring, more compliant defendants and fewer officers.
  9. Reduced Recidivism: A defendant empowered to control their own destiny, will stay out of the criminal justice system and remain free.

Other functionality includes the ability to upload, organize and disseminate documents and pay courts costs and fines.


Judicial service monitoring also includes verification and confirmation of the defendant’s location.  While some defendants are required to stay away from certain locations and people, others are required to remain under house arrest or be at work during certain hours. With our continuous GPS location reporting systems, judicial service agencies can track and record our client’s whereabouts at every moment.  There is no guesswork.  We will also be offering a continuous GPS monitoring system.  Once our client is leaving or nearing an unauthorized area, notification is immediately sent to the client, the attorneys and law enforcement agencies.

PROBUS GPS CONTINUOUS MONITORING is an additional $50 monthly charge. Ankle bracelet monitoring is currently as much as $400 monthly.


With real-time audio/video functionality, our clients are able to appear at court proceedings, meetings and other matters utilizing their smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, eliminating the time and resources wasted appearing for brief or routine court matters. This functionality is designed for “four- screen viewing”, allowing our client, attorneys, and the court to participate in proceedings that are recorded and stored for later confirmation and retrieval. PROBUS LIVE is provided to all monthly subscribers.


Check-in obligations are burdensome for both the defendants and judicial service agencies. For defendants, daily telephone calls to hotlines have no rehabilitative value. For judicial service agencies, reviewing voicemails to confirm check-in waste valuable time and resources. Our registration technology is designed to allow our clients to check-in immediately upon receiving notification or at a designated time, simply by pressing the “Check-In” button on their personal digital device. A completed registration is sent to those on the distribution list, including a probation officer, attorney or bail bondsman. PROBUS REGISTER is provided to all monthly subscribers.


Breathalyzer and drug testing are the most intrusive aspects of the pre-trial and post-trial process. Defendants must avoid ingesting alcohol and drugs and constantly submit to testing to make sure they stay clean. Systems are installed in vehicles to make sure that defendants are not driving under the influence. Currently, judicial service agencies make random requests for testing. Once there, defendants are required to urinate into a cup under the watchful eye of an attendant. WE ELIMINATE THIS ENTIRE PROCESS. Once notified, our clients simply attach the testing apparatus to their digital device, blow into the apparatus, which also verifies identity (facial recognition software), and then submit the results to their distribution list. PROBUS REVEAL is available to all monthly subscribers. The required apparatus is extra, depending on the digital device. Currently, the amount charged by testing centers is $50 to $80 per test. Ignition interlock devices are $70 to $150 to install, $60 to $80 monthly.


To help our clients organize and comply with their legal obligations, our platform is built on a robust calendaring system, structured to organize, record and report the dates, times and other data tied to all of a defendants’ activities while simultaneously updating the attorneys and law enforcement agencies. Communication and planning, being the primary mechanism for keeping our client’s on track, are also the cornerstones of the organization skill acquired utilizing our technology. PROBUS CALENDAR is provided to all monthly subscribers, as part of the basic package.


Our risk assessment algorithm is unique in that it takes a common sense approach to everyday situations when managing human compliance and expectations. PROBUS ASSESS is based upon real-time individualized and verifiable data, customized and adjusted to account for occasional life difficulties. All clients qualifying for JURIS will receive an initial PROBUS ASSESS score of 100% (“JA Score”). This initial score is determined based upon confirmation of defendants’ residence, employment, family situation, criminal history and other factors indicating that the defendant is a low risk for flight or non-compliance. Non-compliance with an obligation imposed by law enforcement agencies will cause an immediate reduction in the JA Score of at least 5% points, which is immediately reported to our client, the attorneys and law enforcement. Clients maintaining a JA Score between 90% and 100% are considered COMPLIANT and not subject to any additional scrutiny. Clients with a JA Scores between 80% and 90% are considered MARGINAL and subject to increased monitoring until they are over 90% complaint. Clients with RA scores falling below 70% are DISQUALIFIED from the PROBUS program and must subscribe to traditional law enforcement methods.


This functionality allows our clients to take, save and send notes documenting important events and experiences while going through the criminal justice systems.


Effective treatment solutions are extremely important to rehabilitation. Learning the source of destructive behavior, the impact upon family, friends, and community is the first step to changing that behavior. Education also includes classes, which help to teach useful coping skills to deal with daily issues and provide motivation. We plan to offer programs that can be viewed on our client’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, and are certified during the review process and upon completion.

Currently, we have the MY SUCCESS program available to all monthly subscribers. It is a tangible tool to help with organization and focus and has been statistically proven to increase success on probation.

Coming soon our portfolio of treatment solutions will include, but are not limited to:

  • DUI Level I class > .08                 (6 Classes / 12 hours)
  • DUI Level II class (12 Classes / 24 hours)
  • Anger Management (6 Classes / 24 hours)
  • Bully Prevention                 (4 Classes / 8 hours)
  • Probation Success (2 Videos /1 hour)
  • My Success (2 Videos / 30 minutes)
  • Motivational                                 (4 Videos / 30 minutes)

The My Success, Probation Success, and Motivation Speaking videos are provided with the basic twenty-nine ($29) monthly subscription.  Other classes are available for an additional charge of $20 per class.


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Use Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or LG.

Regular Monthly Subscription:  Your Credit Card or Pay Pal will be charged $29.00 monthly.  Fees auto-renew.  You may cancel Anytime, However, there are no refunds, we do not prorate and a minimum of 45 days are required to process your cancellation.  So, please plan ahead.